Review – Nameless One: 千の記憶と名も無き剣 ~Thousand Memories and Nameless Sword~
Nameless One is a five-piece Melodic Death Metal and Power Metal group that hails from Kyoto, Japan. Even though they formed in 2013, the group has been very active. That year saw the release of their 暁の街 demo, and the 反撃のカタフラクト single in January of 2014. Later on in October, the band issued their first EP 千の記憶と名も無き剣 ~Thousand Memories and Nameless Sword~, which, outside their hometown/country, hasn't really received a great deal of attention. But is this because it's a terrible first outing, or is this just because fans of the genre haven't looked hard enough to discover this gem?