Review – Heretic: Alive Under Satan
Originally started as a straight-forward Black Metal group, the Netherlands' Heretic eventually shifted more towards a Black Metal meets Hard Rock approach. Black 'n' Roll, if you will. Through the years, the original 1995 line-up had changed, leaving only bassist Tony Hellfire (Sapiens End) and guitarist/vocalist Thomas Goat (ex-Christfighter) at the helm. Joining them are 2014's recent acquisitions comprised of Jimmy Blitzer Botulistum, Urfaust) also on bass, and drummer Tom Auf Der Axe (Astral Voodoo). With more of a Punk/Speed Metal touch this time around, the new crew entered the studio to record a brand new EP titled Alive Under Satan. But is it a solid experience, or is this a far too generic recording at this point and time?