First – Job for a Cowboy: Demonocracy
Job for a Cowboy has always been a group I never could really get into. Their earlier Deathcore style wasn't for me, and when countless drones repeated their music, it started to bug me. When the group went Death Metal, I didn't care so much as I didn't find that to be all that great either, and when they essentially became the cult leaders of Deathcore bands, causing other acts to shift styles to emulate their every step in unfaultable worship, well that just kind of broke me honestly. It wasn't that I dislike the group solely on their popularity, but in the fact of how big an impact they apparently made with music that wasn't a lot more bland compared to helping kickstart the Deathcore sound, which I respected them for regardless of what I thought of it. Right now I'm clearly just going on to fill up space. The fact of the matter is that I really don't want to hear Democracy. Ruination was a good album overall, but it's just that: Good. So, without further delay, here is my first impression of the upcoming Job for a Cowboy release, Demonocracy. Read more