First – As I Lay Dying: Decas
After five full-length albums, As I Lay Dying has basically reached the pinacle of their success at a very young career age, but it wasn't until their most recent few albums that their popularity and seething fan base really grew. It's been roughly a year since their The Powerless Rise album, and with one compilation already out in 2006 dealing with their initial recordings, it was about time to hit up their fans with another collection of songs I guess. In comes their upcoming [at the time of this article] offering, Decas which I honestly didn't know of even being in the works. In fact the first time I heard about this was the mentioning of one of the cover tracks by Chase of the Funeral Rain Press Corps saying how bad it was. I quickly learned it was in my e-mail from Metal Blade Records (which I couldn't get before the other day due to a lack of internet access thanks to a shortage of funds to pay the bills) and I immediately downloaded the promotional copy. After doing the reviews I wanted to write for the day, I popped this sucker in. And wow...my time with this was not the most enjoyable. Read more