Review – Earth Rot: Chthonian Virtues
When the Australian act named Earth Rot first came together, it was more of a two man grindcore act composed of then ex-Advent Sorrow members Tom Waterhouse (also known as Tom Slaughterhouse) and Jared Bridgeman. At some point, it grew into the black/death metal band that exists today. There have been a few line-up changes along the way, leaving them a four-piece with bassist Alex Wilson of Befallen, and Colin Dickie of Xenobiotic brought in sometime in 2015. A year after forming, the group independently issued their debut EP Dirt, followed by their first full-length titled Follow the Black Smoke later that same year. It's now 2016 and Earth Rot returns with a brand new EP titled Chthonian Virtues. But, is this a good follow-up to their previous efforts, or is this simply an unappealing appetizer?