Decapitated: Carnival is Forever
Decapitated is a band whose name is both inspiration, and sorrowful, both tales many fans of Metal know all too well at this point. This Polish Death Metal act started out back in 1996, and featured members still in their teens and even pre-teens, ranging from twelve years old to sixteen years old. The group's drummer, Vitek, was perhaps the most inspirational of the group due to how impressive a technical drummer he was for being only twelve years old. However, at the same time, an accident on November 2nd, 2007 involved the band's tour bus saw Covan seriously injured, and Vitek pass away. In a way, this struck many Metal fans in more then just a manner of losing a talented music. For myself, it reminded me how quickly life can be snuffed out, especially since Vitek was one year older then me at the time. Many questioned whether the band would go on, and if they did, how? Well, it's been five years since the release of their last studio full-length, Organic Hallucinosis, and four years since the tragedy, and Decapitated bring us the fifth full-length recording Carnival is Forever, and while it seems close to their last offering, you can tell the music for this release has shifted quite a bit. Read more