Dead Samaritan: The Devil Tunes
Finland's The Beauty of Dying was originally founded by guitarist Marko Saarinen and drummer Janne Honkanen in 2001. This entity lived on until 2003, leaving two demos in its wake before changing the name to Dead Samaritan. In both incarnations, the group was geared towards more of a Gothenburg and Melodic Death Metal foundation, eventually dropping the former for the most part in recent years to take on a more Thrash Metal oriented approach, meanwhile retaining some traces of the latter. 2004 saw the Bone Hill Revelation demo, but not long after also brought on a hiatus for a few years, as well as the swapping out of certain members. Today, Dead Samaritan stands as a five-piece act, touting a proper 2010 demo titled Counting the Body Toll, which was followed with 2012's debut full-length effort The Only Good Samaritan... through Casket Music. Fast forward about two years and we now bare witness to their second studio album, The Devil Tunes. But does this new recording show the band continuing to grow, or does it show them struggling harder than ever to maintain the listener's interest?