Cretin: Stranger
San Jose, California's Cretin came to be back in 1992, lasting about four years before disbanding. Bassist Matt Widener left to join the Marines, while guitarist Dan Martinez started a career in video game production (according to Metal-Archives). The group reformed in 2001, issuing their Extreme Cretanic Grindcore demo in 2003, which was followed up with the 2004 Cretanic Grind Ambush EP and the 4 Hits from Hell split in 2006. Later that year, we we're ginally given the disgusting full-length debut known simply as Freakery, which was handled by Relapse Records. Eight years and one sex change operation later (Dan Martinez is now known as Marissa Martinez for those unaware) and the four-piece finally return with their long overdue follow-up album Stranger. But is it as vile a creation as their previous outing, or have the years greatly toned this disgusting beast down?