Comped – Judgement Day: Circumcision of the Martyr 1994-2000
Judgement Day is a Death/Thrash Metal group out of the Netherlands. They formed back in 1988, and called it a day back in 2005. Over the years the musical entity had a revolving door of members, having a total of nine former musicians, and five active ones before calling it a day. During this time, they issued a couple demo recordings, two splits, two EPs (but possibly a third), and two full-length albums. Their final recording, 40 Minutes to Impact, was issued by New Aeon Media, but many sites claiming the band's last known label was Karmageddon Media. While it's just shy of ten years since that release, Vic Records has picked up a slew of new material for a compilation called Circumcision of The Martyr 1994-2000, a two-disc set, of which I was only sent the first. Read more More Comped articles