Review – Braineater: Weak, Frail, and Powerless
In the few years California's Braineater has existed, they went through a few major changes. Originally calling themselves Astaroth in 2012, they eventually shifted to the name Volvagia (the name still used as their official Facebook account) before finally settling on Braineater later that year. Since then, there has been a demo at the tail-end of 2013, a contribution to a split with Vanquisher the next, and just last year saw the band's debut EP titled Reclusive drop. Not to sit still for long, Braineater, now a two-piece, ventured into the studio once more to record their sophomore EP Weak, Frail, and Powerless for release through Sun Chariot Records. But does this latest offering stand as one worth sampling, or is it just a collective mess of death and punk influenced material?