Review – Bosque: Beyond
When it comes to the funeral doom metal style, there are plenty of new bands throwing their hats in the ring. One of them is the Portuguese solo act Bosque, helmed by a man calling himself DM, which stands for Daniel M. While not the freshest of acts to surface in the style, the project did bring a little something fresh to the mix that wound up a bit lost with the rise of the raw black metal style, which was just as primitive and analog an approach as many of the groups in that very type. Since then, there have been a few splits, an EP, two demos, and two full-length efforts unleashed, all of which receiving a mixture of mild to high praise. Now, working with Dunkelheit Produktionen, Bosque returns with a brand new three song album titled Beyond. But is it really all that it's cracked up to be, or does the lo-fi style act more as a detrimental barrier than any sort of positive addition?