Between the Buried and Me: The Parallax – Hypersleep Dialogues EP
After an extenuous record deal with Victory Records, Between the Buried and Me finds a new home with Metal Blade Records in 2011 to release their latest effort, The Parallax - Hypersleep Dialogues EP. But, don't let it fool you. While this release is three songs long and may lead the listener into thinking it's an EP, the length of the release is definitely more along the lines of a full-length, clocking in at just over thirty minutes in length. Given the atmosphere-heavy The Great Misdirect, it seems the band has been maturing to a very Progressive version of Metalcore the likes of which not many bands can pull off, but also have been bordering the line of overkill. So, the main concern for many is whether that line was officially crossed this time, or if this is something completely different from their last effort. Read more