Amoral: Beneath
Amoral has gone through some pretty serious changes throughout their career, and yet still is not one of the most recognized groups outside of their Finland roots. The group started out as a Technical Death Metal group, but eventually found themselves writing Power Metal music in their most recent years. With the group's last album, the shift in style was made, and it angered quite a number of fans, critics, and newcomers alike. This was also the year that the group parted ways with then vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi, continuing the line-up changes fo that time set in motion by their second bassist Erkki Silvennoinen, which also led to the departure of Silver Ots in 2010. With the new line-up in place featuring Ari Koivunen on vocals, winner of Finland's version of American Idol called Idols, the band sets forward with their latest effort in hopes to regain the group lost in the outrage of the style shift. However, Beneath may only serve to further agitate the masses. Read more