Metal Review – 352 Poserkiller: Gain Control
352 Poserkiller is a three-piece group that hails from the lovely, exotic, and incredibly scenic LXB, wherever that may be exactly. It's existence came to be when lead vocalist Bouf was apparently celebrating with guitarist, drummer and vocalist Theinthein's eleven years of straight edge over a cold beer. Bouf had a realization about the enjoyment levels of The Dead's Tears sans-synths, further discussing his desire to use auto-tuning to get a vocal mixture of Justin Bieber with the sound of Cunthunt 777. This was where 352 Poserkiller apparently got their start before picking up Cpt. Cool on bass, acquiring Mr. T as their manager, and signing with EMI Records. Of course, all this comes from their official Facebook account, and judging by some of the artwork posted including that of their self-released first EP Gain Control, it's pretty obvious this is all a joke and, for the serious metalhead, it's enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. But does this trio leave the silliness at the door with this recording, or is Gain Control literally a joke in itself? Read more More Metal reviews