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All Podcast Episodes: The Ancient-World Stark Family, Part 2: The Rise and Fall of Little Boots With their parents and older brothers dead, the four remaining Germanicus children (Agrippina, Julia Drusilla, Julia Livilla, and Caligula) face an uncertain future. Caligula falls into the clutches of his creepy uncle Tiberius. The sisters are married off in their teens to men more than twice their age—some with violent reputations. But a family’s fortune can change in a heartbeat. Suddenly Caligula is thrust into power, and the sisters finally have a chance at a stable life. Now the family of Germanicus is in charge. They’re the sharks. And the sharks have to keep swimming. Find out how it all unraveled. Get the show notes here. The Ancient-World Stark Family, Part 1: Germanicus the Manicus Close your eyes and imagine a loving family. Devoted parents and six children, three happy brothers and three happy sisters. The father, Germanicus, is a war hero—beloved by the people, and next in line for the throne. Life is good. Life is perfect. But nothing good can ever stay. It begins with a cough—a funny turn—and suddenly the family of Germanicus is torn apart, caught in the political riptides [...]