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All Podcast Episodes: Julius Caesar and the Devil’s Threeway After an epic quarter-life crisis, Julius Caesar returned to Rome and started to kick things up a notch—winning honors, elections, and the love of the public. But as his power grew, his enemies multiplied. To fight back, Caesar made an unholy bargain with two very powerful players: Rome’s richest man and its most renowned general. With money in his pocket and soldiers at his back, there was nothing Caesar couldn’t strong-arm the Senate into. But as Caesar stretched the rules of Roman politics, he started to resemble the thing every Roman feared most: a dictator. Find out how it all went down. Get the show notes here. Julius Caesar and the Pirates’ Ransom Julius Caesar came of age in a Rome where severed heads hung in the Rostra, bodies choked the Tiber, and murderous mobs stalked the streets. Even at 16, this was Caesar’s element. And by 30, he’d stood up to a terrifying dictator, got kidnapped by pirates, and made a career out of prosecuting powerful governors for corruption. Not to mention had an epic quarter-life crisis. Most stories about Caesar’s life don’t start at the beginning. But this one [...]