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All Podcast Episodes: Julius Caesar and the Point of No Return Julius Caesar was in Gaul for eight years—and while he was gone, things in Rome didn’t just stop. His enemies were sharpening their knives, just salivating for him to come back so they could prosecute him. If they got their way, Caesar could lose his legions, his fortune, and his position—and see all his achievements undone. Caesar was backed into a corner. His only chance to survive involved taking an extreme action that he’d never be able to take back. An action that would catapult him to the pinnacle of Roman power—even as it put a price on his head. Find out how Caesar got away with it. Get the show notes here. Vercingetorix: All You Love Must Burn (Part 3) This episode is a whole divided into three parts. In Part 3, Vercingetorix has been in the field for less than a year–fighting Julius Caesar by burning his own towns, fields, and grain supplies to keep them out of Roman hands. And he’s managed to hold his proud, independent people together–by any means necessary. But now Vercingetorix will face his greatest challenge yet–at a town called Alesia. [...]