About - Ancient History Fangirl
Jenny Williamson is a romance and fantasy novelist obsessed with the ancient past. While writing a historical romance, she fell down a research rabbit hole—an occupational hazard—and realized she had a decision to make. She could either go on cornering people in bars, ranting on about child emperors and Mongol siegecraft and the Praetorian Guard—she gets that way after a few Dark n Stormies—or she could start a podcast. In addition, Jenny recently published a poetry chapbook with Finishing Line Press. She grew up in Vermont and currently lives in Brooklyn. Website | Instagram | Twitter Genn McMenemy is a New Yorker in London and an ancient history and mythology nerd. By day she works in the marketing department for a publishing house. By night, she’s frequently researching something that happened a long time ago and probably on the other side of the world. When not researching myths, legends and history for the podcast she writes, reads and travels as much as possible. Instagram | Twitter Additional Credits Jack Schell (The Soundweaver): Jack Schell (The Soundweaver) created our intro and outro music. Jack’s compositions evoke visual images in the listener’s mind to form what may be called ‘soundscapes’ or ‘musical art pieces.’ His uncommon rhythms combined with [...]