Julius Caesar and the Point of No Return: The Show Notes - Ancient History Fangirl
Become a Patron! Here is a picture of the Rubicon in winter, when Julius Caesar crossed it. No idea if this is the same river. Our modern sources for this episode include: Adrian Goldsworthy’s Caesar: Life of a Colossus Patricia Southern’s Julius Caesar: A Life Jack Johnson’s Ambition without Boundaries: How Julius Caesar’s Thirst for Conquest Shaped the Ancient World, and Impacted the Modern One And our ancient sources include: Plutarch’s Parallel Lives (Bernadotte Perrin translation): Life of Caesar Life of Crassus Life of Pompey Life of Cicero Life of Cato Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars: Life of Caesar (J.C. Rolfe translation) Cassius Dio’s Roman History (Earnest Cary translation) Appian’s Gallic War (Horace White translation)