The Ancient-World Stark Family Part I: The Show Notes - Ancient History Fangirl
Become a Patron! Roll up, roll up for the show notes! We can’t stop talking about this episode. First, let’s start with a bust of our man(icus) Germancius! And here is the family tree of the Julian-Claudian dynasty. And here is the triumph of Germanicus, depicted in this incredible oil painting by Karl von Piloty (1873). And . . . our poor blue eyed prince, here is the return of Agrippina at Brundisium with the ashes of Germanicus. This stunning oil painting by Benjamin West (1766) is heartbreaking. If you want to find out more about poisoning in the ancient world, listen to our episode Locusta the Poisoner here. Here is the book that Genn can’t stop raving about. Caligula by Simon Turney. Caligula is out in paperback and you can purchase your copy here. Find out more about Wee Little Nomads here. And in case you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t seen Game of Thrones, here is the Stark family. Way back in Season One. Look how young and carefree they were! And here are the aquilas (or eagles) that Jenny was talking about. Pandateria the island where Agrippina (and her mother, Julia the Elder) were exiled. ***** [...]