Ancient Vampires: The Show Notes - Ancient History Fangirl
Become a Patron! Welcome to the show notes, our favourite place to tell you a little more about the show. This week we talked about a lot of vampires of the ancient world. Particularly Greco-Roman vampires, with some Sumerian and Germanic lore thrown in. While we were researching these myths we came across some creepy images, and as it’s Halloween, we wanted to share them with you. Edimmu This is the stuff of ancient Babylonian and Sumerian nightmares. Uruku Yep, we’re never going to sleep again. Empusa Flame hair. Leg of brass. Leg of an ass. Yes, this is definitely an empusa. Lamia Lamia, or land shark, with the body of a woman and the tail of a snake. Don’t let her sad face fool you; this ancient vampire is deadly. Vrykolakas Why, Slenderman, why? This ancient vampire is terrifying. The Shades Genn’s first education into vampires of the ancient world. Here is Odysessus feeding the shades some blood so they will tell him their stories. That’s a slippery slope, Odysseus, be careful. Nachzehrers The Shroud-eating vampires. This is a great big bag of nope for us. Strix Santorini And because we can’t wait to one day visit Santorini, here [...]