Child Emperors, Part 1: The Show Notes - Ancient History Fangirl
Hey, thanks for listening! We hope you enjoyed the episode! First off, here’s what these people looked like: Caracalla Elagabalus They look so different. Elagabalus is such a glowy, beautiful being and Caracalla’s rage is palpable. (Interestingly, even though it has so much personality, this bust of Caracalla isn’t contemporary to him–it was made in the 1700s by Bartolomeo Cavaceppi, who was drawing on an older bust that dated from the 200s–around the time of Caracalla’s reign). Bear in mind, though, that although Elagabalus looks serene and almost angelic in this bust, he’s a kid who stabbed an advisor to death for giving him advice he didn’t like, and used to tie people to waterwheels and drown them at his parties. He and Caracalla were very different kinds of tyrant, but they were both tyrants. Also, just for fun, we give you the head of infamous eight-foot-tall drill sergeant emperor-poodle Maximinius Thrax. Maximinius Thrax So very manly. We drew a lot on the classical sources for this one. Cassius Dio is a great source–he was a highly-placed Roman statesman and contemporary to both these emperors. He may have known them both personally. We used the Earnest Cary translation. Caracalla and Elagabalus are [...]