The Kid's Going to be Alright - All The Pretty Birds
The Kid's Going to be Alright By Tamu McPherson This week my Friend Michal and took PJ rules out for a "burger bonanza". Michal is such a great friend to both myself and Piero and spoils him rotten. For this particular dinner date, Piero decided to wear a suit when he heard that we were dining at the Bulgari which, by the way, hands down has one of the most extravagant burgers in town (toppings include onion rings, bacon, BBQ sauce and salad) - it's worth the guilt. After enjoying our costume tailored burgers - no bacon, please add avocado, definitely no mayo, we looked at the desert menu. With a ton of super sophisticated items listed, Piero decided that he would indulge in some of the marshmallows that they offer in the lobby (marshmallows, peach candies, gummy bottles). I mentioned that we would grab some as we left to the server and she said that it was no problem to bring some to the table. When the marshmallows arrived, Piero stopped for an instant before opening the specially wrapped bag to think about something. When he was done, he raised his head and asked if anyone would care for some. Michal and I were both taken aback as the gesture was so sweet, unexpected and grown up. What wonderful manners. I was so proud of him.