3ina – The Latest Makeup Brand to hit the UK!
Apologies for being missing for a while….I have had a lot going on and work has been more mental than usual…but alas I am back! 🙂 About a month ago I visited the store of the latest makeup brand to hit the UK – 3ina! They have a lovely store in Covent Garden and immediately I was excited by the wide array of beautiful cosmetics to explore! The look of the store reminded me of a cross between KIKO and MAC – they have a well laid out shop with a huge number of shades and varieties. It was a makeup addicts heaven! Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with a few of their products and here are my thoughts on them! Double click to enlarge The Matte Lipstick – £7.95 Double click to enlarge Double click to enlarge For a start, isn’t this the most lovely, vivid pink!? Its simply gorgeous! Anyway….apart from the lovely shade, the important thing is that this is quite a nice formula. It is a nice matte, that is not too drying on the lips and nor does it fade unevenly. It wears pretty well and is extremely pigmented, offering pretty good value for money. I am not normally a fan of matte lipsticks, but this one is rather lovely. The shade shown is 109. The Eyeshadow Double click to enlarge Double click to enlarge This is not yet on their website, but the shade shown is 105. Its a nice coppery orange shade with very fine gold shimmer. It has medium pigmentation, a good colour play off and is easy to blend. I first tried this out without primer, expecting it to fade before midday but I was pleasantly surprised! My oily lids normally don’t have mercy on shadows without a coating of primer bit this lasted really well, fading around the 10 hour mark. I do like the formula of this shadow and I might try out more shades when I get the chance. The Pencil Eye Shadow – £6.95 Double click to enlarge Double click to enlarge I’m a huge fan of these types of shadows as they are so easy to apply, especially if you are on the go! Once again I tried this out on bare lids and I was surprised at the wear! Once this baby sets it really adheres to the lids and I experienced a little fading at the end of a long day. With primer, it really doesnt budge at all! It is a little harder than other pencil shadows from other brands like KIKO and GOSH but it I can deal with it. Despite it being harder than other pencil shadows, it still doesnt drag along the lids too badly, I just wish it was a bit creamier. The shade show is 103. If I had to choose, I would say I prefer this pencil shadow over their powder shadow above. I am definately going to try out more of these when I next hit their store. The Blush Double click to enlarge Double click to enlarge This too is not yet on the website but its one a range of powder blushes they sell. The one shown is shade 105, a warm beige toned blush with super fine gold shimmer. It has medium pigmentation and it applies nicely, though its a tiny bit hard to blend. No deal breaker, but I have come across better to be honest. Again, like the other products I have tried – this does wear well and lasted a good 7/8 hours before fading. Overall I have positive thoughts about 3ina – they offer affordable products that are long wearing and quite easy to apply. They are a strong competitor for KIKO in my opinion. The packaging, although sleek and sturdy, doesnt have any particular “wow” factor and so far I have not seen mirrors included – like in the blush for example. I am certainly interesting in trying out more from them and I hope in the future they come out with some limited edition products and little touches like mirrors! For now, its a thumbs up! At the moment, they have one store in Covent Garden, London and a small selection of their products online but I think this will change in the near future. For the meantime, if you live in London or can get down here, check them out! Let me know what you think about their products if you do get a chance to try them out. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Don’t forget you can follow allthatslap via GFC (on the right hand side bar) Twitter – Blog Lovin or She Said Beauty! P.S – this post contains *PR samples, however my reviews are always honest and my thoughts are my own You can trust me on that, but you cant trust me not to steal your blusher if I like it!