Thinking about a well-designed stand | All In One Blog
If you're planning to build stands in Frankfurt for an upcoming conference, there are a few important concepts to discuss in a team setting about design thinking, visual pitches, and networking at public events. The goal of a stands outreaching message is to be short, concise and pithy; something simple enough that if someone reads the most prominent text as they are walking by, it will be something they can remember hours, or even days later. This is not to suggest that stands adopt the same marketing strategies as 90's era television advertising, with gimmicks, puns, and platitudes. Rather, a key takeaway needs to not require the reader a great deal of larger context to understand the meaning, regardless of whether or not they are aware of that context. This means to possess affect in the words you choose to convey something about what you are showcasing on your stand. It's easy to ramble on and on about a point you are trying to make and come close to eventually making it. It is