General Science-Important Questions & Answers PDF For SSC JE,NMRC SC/TO,JMRC,CIL EXAM PART 5 - All Exam Review Adda
1. Which of the following metals forms an amalgum with other metals ? (A) Lead (B) Tin (C) Zinc (D) Mercury (Ans : D) 2. Which of the following is not an ore of Aluminium? (A) Felsper (B) Bauxite (C) Cryolite (D) Azurite (Ans : D) 3. Most soluble in water is– (A) Camphor (B) Sugar (C) Sulphur (D) Common Salt (Ans : B) 4. Which of the following is used as lubricant ? (A) Graphite (B) Silica (C) Diamond (D) Iron Oxide (Ans : A) 5. The purest form of iron is– (A) Steel (B) Pig iron (C) Cast