International Expert Forum : « Food Security in GDA Member States: challenges and priorities » | ⛔Agenda des évènements ⛔
The Global Dryland Alliance will organize, in collaboration with the Institute of Arid Areas in Medenine, Tunisia a high level International Expert Forum titled: "Food Security in GDA Member States: challenges and priorities". The forum aims to:  Share data and ideas on food security status in GDA Member States  Develop a coordinate vision between GDA and its partners from regional and international organizations about challenges and priorities of food security in GDA Members.  Collect an official database and updated indicators about food security in GDA Members to use it in developing programs and projects for each country  Establish a network of experts, specialists, and references in GDA Members to benefit from them in food security research matters.  Strengthen partnership with institutions and research centers in GDA Members and connect them with regional and international organizations specialized in food security