Best TV moms: From here to maternity - AfterEllen
This week, as you'd expect, the internets have been filled with Mother's Day gift suggestions, e-cards (and more e-cards) and, yes, lists. This year's best mothers lists include the usual suspects, plus a few surprises. So, if your homework is done and your room is clean, let's take a look at our favorite TV moms. (Don't sit too close to the screen; it'll ruin your eyes.) TiVo released one of the more traditional lists, topped by Cosby mom Clair Huxtable. Clair won by a landslide, with a cool 58 percent of the votes. Phylicia Rashad, who played Clair, attributes her lasting appeal to the character's humanity. "First of all, she was a real human being," said Rashad. "She was a devoted wife and mother with a great sense of humor and a definite awareness of her own self." Plus, Clair is hot. Tying for second place on TiVo's list are Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) and Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross). Mrs. C. is No. 1, though, over at Mother's Day Central (thanks for the link, Ms. Snarker) and MSNBC. According to MSNBC, Richie's mom is head and shoulders above Carol Brady because her kids are more fun. "Come on — who would you rather go out with: Richie or Greg? Richie would never let a frog jump on your pizza at the movies. Furthermore, Carol would never have let Fonzie live over the garage."