Yoko Ono owns the remix - AfterEllen
It’s kind of unfortunate that most people think of Yoko Ono as the woman responsible for breaking up the Beatles. If you appreciate envelope-pushing ladies, you probably know there’s a little more to her than that. In addition to her far-reaching humanitarian work, Ono has always been fearless about jumping on the cutting edge of art and music production. She’s already released a small handful of electronic dance remix albums, but her most recent release marks a notable music anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 39 years since Ono joined John Lennon in bed at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal for the historic bed-in for peace. It was there that they teamed up with a bunch of friends and recorded — from their bed — the anthem, “Give Peace a Chance.” Now, to commemorate the occasion, she’s teamed up with some new friends who know their way around electronic music (such as Tommie Sunshine and Johnny Vicious) to create Give Peace a Chance (The Remixes). Because remixing for peace isn’t enough, Ono’s record company is releasing the singles completely digitally to create less waste and lessen their footprint on the environment.