Dolly's last song: Which would you choose? - AfterEllen
I love Dolly Parton about as much as it's possible to love someone I don't know even a little bit. Therefore, I've been enjoying the fact that she's been in the news lately. Last month, globalgrrl updated us on Dolly's new album, label, tour and Broadway developments. This Wednesday, Dolly (she'd be OK with the informality, don't you think?) is going to debut her new single on Dancing With the Stars. And she was just in the news announcing that the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame will soon have a home on Nashville's Music Row. Click here to watch news coverage and clips of the press conference. While I'm happy about last week's Hall of Fame news, what I'm fixated on is a statement she made in the context of saying she would never retire: "I hope to fall dead on stage right in the middle of a song — and hopefully one I wrote."