Morning Brew: Thursday, April 8 - AfterEllen
Do you love Thursdays? I'm kind of a fan. It's the new Friday. If you've been keeping up with 90210, you know that Adrianna has yet to come out to her palsies. When she does, though, Jessica Lowndes says it's going to be "big." She told the L.A. Times: I think announcing it to the school that she was pregnant was a prime example of that. She’s somebody who goes through a lot of stuff, and drama seems to follow her everywhere and she’s essentially addicted to the highs and the lows. And with this, if this is the way she feels, she’s going to announce it. She’s not going to be scared to be who she is. And I think that’s admirable. Jessica also said that Rumer Willis's character Gia is "a little embarrassed" by her sexuality at times. She’s still very tentative and not truly comfortable in it. I think it’s truly important in the next few episodes to show it’s OK to have those feelings and to feel that way. OK, I'm trying to keep positive about this, I really am. But every interview I read about this has Jessica also talking about Adrianna's ex-bf Navid. In this interview, Jessica says "they are so connected." If Gia ends up a lonely, embarrassed spinster I'm going to march over to the CW and demand justice.