5 reasons why "On the Lot" sucks - AfterEllen
Entertainment Weekly recently expressed some faith that On the Lot is about to get better. Like, any day now. The reality show, in which wannabe Spielbergs vie for a development deal, has struggled mightily and has abysmal ratings. I keep trying to watch it, but I'm just about ready to throw a hissy fit and eat my pain at the craft services table. So here are my five reasons to give up on On the Lot: 5. They keep retooling the show. Obviously this is a chicken-and-egg thing — does it suck because they keep retooling it, or do they keep retooling it because it sucks? — but it makes the show very difficult to fast-forward through. Most cable viewers who have TiVos and DVRs expect to be able to zip through a show at lightning speed, and that doesn't work if the show doesn't have a predictable structure. Every reality show of this nature should pattern itself after American Idol structurally, at least until something better comes along. 4. Film does not lend itself to snap judgments. I guess I prove the contrary point every day on this site, but in all seriousness, it just doesn't seem fair to vote for someone based on one film. Everyone's always saying it's such a complex medium, so shouldn't the show reflect that? On American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, each performance seems to stand on its own and you feel comfortable making an assessment of just those few moments in time. But the contestants' short films on On the Lot aren't real-time performances: They're submissions, prepared ahead of time and deserving considered analysis. How can I vote for my favorite when I haven't really absorbed anyone's work? Real-time voting should be reserved for real-time art.