HOLY CRAP! Nail Repair of Lifting, Overgrown Acrylic Nails | Advanced Nail Training
Fixing 3 Month Overgrown Acrylic Fills! On occasion, we all get the client that goes WAY over their scheduled appointment! It can be a disaster and serious challenge to fix. As professionals, we have all been trained using different nail techniques. Some Nail Technicians go by the book, which is fine. Then there are times when we need to think outside the box. This video may not be the way you would handle these overgrown nails. This is the way I've been doing an overgrown nail fill and nail repairs for years and the way I've been nail training my Nail Technicians, who've NEVER damaged anyone's nails. We had over 85% customer retention rate in a vacation destination area located in Florida and were all BOOKED SOLID. Even with our prices being one of the highest in town, we grew an awesome reputation as the best Nail Salon around! I've owned a Nail Salon since 1995 and have trained all my Nail Technicians to follow our mission; give great service, restore their nails back to their full