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Jayesunn Krump Jayesunn Krump is an internationally published photographer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. With his extensive experience shooting indoor and out, working with all types of people, models, children, families, celebrities, and more, Jayesunn has been a working photographer and photographic educator since 2000. The client list of Jayesunn Krump is a vast range of personalities and the portfolio represents that well. Previous clients include: Jerry Seinfeld, Ice Cube, Adam Carolla, Joshua Jackson, Sam Adams, Rick Emerson, Mythbusters, KROCK New York, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Alice in Chains, Danzig, Vanilla Ice and Incubus. Dave Hutt Dave has been a professional photographer with nearly 30 years of experience in studio and commercial photography. His work is now devoted to photography education, as he conducts seminars and workshops in digital camera use and lighting systems to photographers, law enforcement and medical/dental