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Repair - The backbone of our business is camera and lens repair. We have been in the repair business for 25 years now. If you have a question about a repair feel free to stop by the store with the equipment and we will look at it for you. Olympus OMD - Service Notice. Some of the Olympus OMD mirrorless cameras are having a problem with the internal strap screws loosening up and or falling out. Once the screws are loose they can move around internally in the camera causing damage to any number of camera systems. Rokinon - Bower - Samyang Repair - As you may know… Rokinon, Bower, and Samyang products are all produced by the same manufacturer. They make excellent lenses that preform exceedingly well, even against leading manufacturers such as: Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Sensor cleaning - The technician starts by checking the functions of the camera and the lens (if you choose to include a lens). Before we start cleaning, we take a photo of the sensor to see where the dust and debris on the