Adobe Lightroom Class Portland Oregon | Advance Camera
Lightroom® Basics Develop Module: Getting the most out of your pictures Iconic photographer W. Eugene Smith thought darkroom work to be about 90% of the photos creation process. In today's digital age, this is a step often overlooked and exclaimed as, "My camera doesn't take good pictures." This class is meant to give you an insight into the Develop Module in Adobe Lightroom® and how to use it like the darkroom of the film era to get the most out of your photography. Whether you are new to Lightroom® or have been using it for years and are looking to pick up some new editing tips and methods, this class is for you! Let me take my, easy to follow teaching style and put it to use for you. We will start with the basics of editing an image all the way through the final export process. Everyone will be given the same RAW files to work with during the class so all participants can learn in a similar way. What we will cover: Editing RAW vs JPEG files How the editing process works in