On the Lord's Prayer | :: Alastair :: Cutting ::
Prayers inspired by the Lord's Prayer I recently had to collect some prayers based around the Lord's Prayer; some I sourced elsewhere, some I wrote myself. They are gathered together under the stanzas of the Prayer. Our Father, who art in heaven A Prayer to God our Father Lord God, Jesus taught us to call you Father. Help us to grow in our understanding of you, that we may better each day learn to trust you, and to love you. Remind us of the thrill a toddler feels when being swept up securely in a father's arms; help us share in the glee of a child playing pranks with a parent. As we feel the lifting angst of the teenager taking insoluble homework problems to a parent who can unlock answers; and the adrenaline rush of the learner driver discovering new skills with dad, so may we feel our relationship with you broadening, enriching and deepening. Father God, may your love for us be reflected back in our love for you. Amen. A Father's Prayer Lord, I need your special care. Like your