Teotihuacan – Mexico | A Blog Voyage
Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan 19.6925° N, 98.8438° W San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico About 50 short kilometers north of Mexico City lies the Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan or 'the place where the gods were created'. According to hieroglyphic texts from the Maya, the region is believed to have been called "Puh", or "Place of Reeds" Built about 200 BC, Teotihuacan is believed to be the creation of ether the Toltec or the Totonac cultures. Through the centuries, the city was inhabited by the Maya, Mixtec, and Zapotec. Teotihuacan was one of the most powerful cultural centres in Mesoamerica; thriving with an estimated population of 150,000 - 250,000 people. Teotihuacan was mysteriously abandoned in the 7th Century and lied silent for five hundred years. Then around the 12th century, it was reoccupied by the Aztecs, who gave the city the name we know today; complete with thousands of residential compounds on raised beds, called Chinampas, pyramid temples, and the central 'Street of