Lock Cha Tea House – Hong Kong | A Blog Voyage
above photo © Lock Cha Tea House Lock Cha Tea House (852) 2.801.7177 The K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Parka Admiralty, HK www.lockcha.com/teahouse/ Open Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 Daily In the middle of the city, on the edge of the Hong Kong Park, nested inside the Tea Museum sits one of the most accessible, and easily missed, restaurants we found in Hong Kong. We gave it the brush off as a tourist spot several times before a friend invited us and we discovered what we had been un-imaginatively ignoring! Offering vegetarian dim sum for lunch and dinner you can order freely from the menu without worrying about a pool of grease or wondering what animal part is going to be snuck in - great for selective eaters like ourselves. Service is very curt and reservations are a must, but overall our favorite food in Hong Kong. above photo © Lock Cha Tea House above photo © Lock Cha Tea House