If Dogs Run Free – Vienna, Austria | A Blog Voyage
Wandering down Gumpendorfer on a late, breezy afternoon, we peered into a dim doorway and a monster stared back at us! What is this place?? Gallery, Attraction, Curiosity Shoppe, kink Museum ?? Better then - and in its way, including all of the above - we found ourselves in a very stylish cocktail bar! Quite beautiful in design, by co-owners Tzou Lubroth Architects, and named after the Bob Dylan song, the bar is quite a relaxing hangout in the afternoon. Drinks are served with style and taste in crystal vessels, finished and garnished in true mixologist fashion. Rumor has it on weekends that place can get a bit active. We have to check out before we comment; but if we judge by the surrounds, it could be quite the happening scene! Across from fabled Café Sperl; If Dogs Run Free is a nice part of an afternoon itinerary of moseying down the picturesque local Gumpendorfer Straße!