Hotel Condesa DF - Mexico City, Mexico | A Blog Voyage
Hotel Condesa DF 52 55 5282 2199 V. Veracruz N.102 Condesa, 06700 Mexico DF, Mexico www.condesadf.com The much hyped and reviewed Condesa DF in Mexico City (DF) easily lives up to its reputation as a top design hotel. From its prime location, adjacent to a lovely art & tree filled park, in the chic Condesa district - think NYC's West Village - to its distinctive triangular form, everything about the Condesa DF sets it apart. The main interior is an open triangular courtyard looking up 5 flights to the happening roof-top bar and the sky above. White shutters line the interior catwalks, creating an openness during the day and a protective barrier when closed at night. Dangling down the center is a vine of silver horns, splaying out like the bells of a foxglove, emitting a low murmuring of ticking and tocking - with a grandfather clock's steady comfort rather then an alarm clock's annoying reminder of time passing. The restaurant's elegant white tables fall within this surrounding