Hacienda Venecia – Caldas, Colombia | A Blog Voyage
Hacienda Venecia (57) 320 636 5719 Vereda el Rosario (vía Chinchiná in the coffee motorway) Manizales, Caldas, Colombia www.haciendavenecia.com Hacienda Venecia is a full operational coffee farm in the picturesque Zona Cafetera in Colombia; Not far from Manizales, a 6 hour drive from Medellin. While exploring this lush area, the Hacienda Venencia is a good place to stop and even spend the night, as the Hacienda offers two lodging options. A beautiful hundred year old hacienda house, surrounded by gorgeous gardens, with a pool and free roaming turkeys! As well as a newer house transformed into a hostel, with a shared kitchen, both shared and private bathrooms as well as a camping area with beautiful view over the coffee plantations. We did not stay the night, but the other tourists we met briefly seemed very happy. A few were part of a state-wide bird watching tour. The Zona Cafetera in Colombia has the ideal altitude (3600 to 6000 feet) to grow the highly valued arabica