Alma – Cartagena, Colombia | A Blog Voyage
trio of ceviches (octopus and shrimp, tilapia Peruvian style and tilapia with rocotto) Alma (57) 5 681 0050 Calle de la Universidad, # 36-94 Cartagena, Colombia www.almacartagena.com Located in Hotel Casa Sana Agustin, a beautiful colonial house turned hotel, on one of the prettiest street corners in the old city; Alma's speaks to the true colonial past of this wonderful city. The menu shares many favorite Peruvian classics, with a mild influence of Colombian & Asian cuisines. Peruvian cuisine is quite in vogue throughout Colombia, thankfully. The restaurant is open pretty much all the time, features courtyard dining and a lovely bar that opens during the evenings. Add in excellent service, cool AirCon and good wifi speed, and Alma quickly becomes the place to hide during the heat of the day. A great place to have a good coffee, bite of lunch and get some work done while visiting Cartagena. Aji Miso marinated Chilean sea bass, grilled sweet chili shrimp, seaweed, and