Funny! Parody Account Of 'Obasanjo' React To Don Jazzy And Olamide Feud On Twitter | Abel Abel
A parody account of Olusegun Obasanjo has reacted to the feud between Don Jazzy and Olamide on twitter with so many retweet and replies. The funny thing is, some even believed it is the real Obasanjo while some know its a parody. Here is what he wrote; Olamide was my favorite artiste last year. I tirelessly danced to shakiti bobo. But I detest when a kid allow luxury to get into his head. — Olusegun A. Obasanjo (@SegunObasanjo) January 2, 2016 Most youths of nowadays are so disrespectful. They have no regard for elders. Luxury and fame intoxicates them. We