The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:7 Ep:9 – The Doesn't Make Us Friends Edition | 9 Deuce Blogs
Welcome everyone to the only Walking Dead related blog that adds a silly 9 Deuce gimmick. The first week back was rough for my contributors, with Valentine's Day and some other things. Fortunately, I am not alone as I had 2 gentlemen help out, Bob and Eric, so round of applause for them, and much appreciation. I would like to say congratulations to Bob on his newest child. Somehow he still found time to provide answers to my inane questions. Sweet. In case you aren't familiar with this blog, I ask 9 questions that are episode specific and then 2 bonus ones that can be anything Walking Dead related. If you like what we do, please check out the Facebook group at . You can also follow us on Twitter @official9deuce and Instagram which is also Official9Deuce. Finally, if you want to email me because all of those options weren't charming enough, write me at Kent@9deuce.com. Sorry, I hate all of this promotion as much as anyone else. What