#380 Asylum (1972) | 9 Deuce Blogs
This stars Peter Cushing and has a good rating, and is an anthology. This could be fun. It starts with the great song "A Night on Bald Mountain", which is legendary. So the plot is easy enough. A young psychiatrist comes to this asylum, and his test to qualify for the job is to interview patients to figure out which one is Dr. Starr. This will lead to our 4 tales. His name is Dr. Martin, and Dr. Rutherford is the one who makes the deal. Our first patient is Bonnie, and she tells us "Frozen Fear". We have Walter who is married to Ruth, and he wanted to get divorced a month ago to be with Bonnie. Ruth is learning voodoo shit and has some protective bracelet thing. Apparently Ruth is the wealthy one and will not allow him to divorce her. He tells her that he has a surprise for her downstairs, and it's a freezer, and then a hit to the head to kill her. Good gift. He calls Bonnie and tells her to drag her ass over and they are to take the body with them and get rid of it on their way to