Tour Diary: Wenatchee to Boise (US / Days 13-14) | Wussy
"It was Sunday, Father's Day, heading away from big cities – what could go wrong? .." Ranking Cheese Doodle: Jalapeno Poppers Puffed Corn Snack – Good if you like this sort of thing. I have to admit I'm beginning to regret this whole doodle census. As I open another bag it's with a rather grim sense of duty. Like sex with your second cousin, which seemed so great when you were sixteen, but now 30 years later just seems desultory. Anyway, this doodle is fine, mostly about the burn, which made my stomach hurt. Texture: Actually pretty good. Dense but not stale. Flavor: Who cares? After the first one your mouth is on fire. Idiocy from the Van: "Why thank you Marriott, for your complimentary pork cylinders soaked in brine." I'm tired of being two days behind. Today is the day I will triumphantly half-ass two days of the tour so I can fulfill my imaginary deadlines. (didn't happen) We woke up late and lazy and rolled out at the last minute possible to maintain the illusion of being on