Tour 2018 – Departure Day | Wussy
Departure Day I've been looking forward to this tour and getting back to writing the blog for months, but now it's arrived and I'm just sitting at the Costa watching traffic whoosh by like a deadline* thinking I can wait another day before starting and I won't be so far behind I can't get caught up. But needs must so back to the beginning I guess. Starting the day in Cincinnati going in to work of course, then getting a cup of coffee with a friend before the van comes to pick me up. Which sounds like a lovely euphemism for death if I've ever heard one. "Well, I sure would've liked to play tiddlywinks with the Queen once before the van comes to pick me up, but it's been a good life." Or something like that. As my friend and I were walking through the town square there was a local insane person laying (lying?) on a bench with her eyes closed and her top leg jerking back and forth. As we passed by she said, without opening her eyes, "Don't ride on Air Force One today, I'm not fixing the