Tour Diary: Seattle (US / Day 12) | Wussy
Ranking Cheese Doodle: Kroger Puffed Cheese Curls – Almost identical to the H-E-B store brand. I suspect collusion. Texture: Excellent - Borderline tear your mouth up. Flavor: Pretty damn good. These are an excellent value. Like a Robert Parker rated Beaujolais of 89 on sale for $12.99 Idiocy from the Van: Have you read the bio "Tom Jones' Testicles by Emersom Bigguns? We had a wonderful evening in Portland, a friend of Joe's got us two very nice rooms at a hotel on the river, and we were going to play live on KEXP at 11:00 this very day. All was exceedingly well except that we were only going to be able to get four and a half hours sleep before we needed to leave for Seattle. Everyone was fine with it, no one was complaining. The honor of playing for the mighty KEXP trumps everything. Still, even with a little bit of, "This is going to hurt," going on, everyone was in good spirits. John somehow managed to duct tape a bag to Olie's hand, tomatoes were thrown from a balcony at John