Tour Diary: Kansas City (US / Day 16) | Wussy
“I don’t care if they use a BB gun and it takes two hours, it’ll still be better than a drum circle..” Ranking Cheese Doodle: Moon Cheese – Cheddar – An audience member brought a bag of these to our Denver show. You can find them at Starbucks but they are not puffed cheese doodles. No, they are nuggets of dehydrated cheese. That’s it. Texture: They’re pretty crunchy and a little greasy so all good there. It’s the flavor that’s troubling. Flavor: There is the taste of cheese rolling around, albeit that nub of the cheese that escaped the plastic wrap and was exposed to the air. No, it’s another hard to pin down flavor that defines the experience. I described it as earthy or musty, but Chuck used the word barnyard. He described it as tasting like the 4H barn, sort of a dirty straw flavor. Idiocy from the Van: “Do the drapes match the curtains?” and/or “Does the couch match the davenport?” Today was guaranteed to be a long day. The upside to staying at a hotel 40 minutes west of