Tour Diary: Chicago (US / Day 17) | Wussy
"We've been told Chicago is a town you have to earn, and whether that's really true for all, it certainly has been for us." Ranking Cheese Doodle: Grippos Cheese Nibs – I've been saving these until the end of the tour because they're my favorite and I wanted to experience the depth and breadth of what this country has to offer before I threw them in the mix. Grippos is a regional Cincinnati company most famous for their Barbeque Potato Chips (crisps) which are arguably the best as well. You'll be undoubtedly disinterested to know that they are easily the best! Texture: Not rough, but not as dense as a Cheeto. They actually have some give when you bite into them. Flavor: Plenty of orange cheese powder that tastes like what you get on cheese popcorn. Not overly cheddar-y but not tasting of fakeness either. Idiocy from the Van:"Summer Sausage signed my yearbook!" We had to get some sleep. The recent drives had been all day affairs with shows at the end of most of them, and we were