WTF @ TFW - Supplemental 41 - BMOGgin' - Nov 23 2013 - WTF @ TFW - The TFW2005 Transformers Podcast
WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 41 – BMOGgin’ – Nov 23 2013 Vangelus sits down (theoretically) with Trent Troop of the Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalts line to discuss the crowdsource process, the development process, and the horrible horrible duck idea process. iTunes users – You can subscribe to and review the podcast here: iTunes Store Zune users – You can subscribe here: zune://subscribe/?WTF@TFW= The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is: WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast – And if you want an MP3 version, it’s linked below: